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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An unofficial "official" delay in our paperwork...

**** Update 102109 ****
Our paperwork is not lost...just delayed. Our agency shows the I800 forms being received at the old USCIS address (Ohio) on October 9th...USCIS has forwarded the paperwork to the correct address (Texas) so it is in the forwarding process... we just don't know how long that will take.

My husband is paid to be a pessimist. He is always troubleshooting and finding flaws in software. Which he is fantastic at! His challenge is to not bring his work home. My challenge, is to appreciate that when he does bring it home; he is most likely right :)

That being said...for the last week he has been coming home from work stating,

" Something is wrong with our I-800 paperwork...I am sure it is lost, or delayed."

My thoughts after hearing my hubby go something like this...

"Not helpful, don't panic...everything is fine...have Faith!...Oh no what if he is right, where is our paperwork...why haven't we heard, how come the USCIS had to change their address the day we mailed our paperwork, something is wrong with our I-800, it is lost, my husband is right!"

So I contacted the department of immigration to followup on our concerns, and was told there is no record of them receiving or logging in our paperwork, and that it was probably caught up in the address forward. They are taking an additional week to receive because of this address change. So now we wait. It was recommended I contact them daily to check on the status of her paperwork. The I-800 is the permission from the US government to allow our daughter to immigrate into the US.

I have to say that for the most part our adoption has gone very smoothly, this is the first real time I have felt a little panic. Coupled with the constant questions from friends about "How much longer? and "Why don't you know yet?" I am feeling a little desperate. At least with a pregnancy you can answer an exact time and date, with adoption there is so much out of a person's control.

I know :
1. Heavenly Father planted the seeds of adoption in our hearts and led us to our daughter in China.
2. I know he loves her and is keeping her while we wait, no matter how long.

With this knowledge I will be patient and trust that everything happens in HIS time.