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Monday, January 4, 2010

Gotcha Day is here!

Shhh…the baby is sleeping .  Our little peanut loves the computer and we can’t type a word with her awake or in the room… So our entries might get short.  Hello!  We are uploading pictures as I type.  We found our camera!  Which is a great thing because it had our video camera, the battery charger for our small camera and our nice camera all in it.  That would have been 3 cameras lost.  We left it in our driver’s van last night when  we arrived at our hotel at 2 am.  I didn’t sleep a wink last night…not because of nerves for gotcha day…but because I was so worried I wouldn’t have a camera to capture this big part of all our lives.


This morning I gave up on sleep and woke Jeff up at 6 am and we started organizing the backpack we gave her and got our room child proof.  After that we ate breakfast and waited for our guide.


Our guide picked us up at 10 am…we then received our camera back ( Jumping for joy over that!) we traveled by van to the Central Adoption Bureau which is about a 15 minute drive from our hotel …a 5 star beautiful hotel called the Dolton in Changsha if you want to look it up.   We will be here 5 days waiting for her passport and finalizing the adoption.


When we arrived at the CAB we took a few pictures before we entered.  As we were walking into the room where we meet her, we saw her peek around the corner…what a moment!  She is just beautiful!  I was also relieve that she was the same girl  as in all the pictures we have J  She was shy at first, but we saw that she had received the pillow we made with our family picture on it, and she would point to Jeff and I and say “ma ma” “ba ba”  she definitely recognized us.  There were no tears, or screams, she was just joyful and happy.  She is a delight!!!!!   


We brought her back to the hotel and just played with her for hours.  We got giggles, smiles and she even teases us.  We looked at many pictures of her in the orphanage and of our family.  We were also able to Skype the kids at home and they met their little sister.  We are all in love !   She has started repeating some things we tell her,  the first thing she repeated was  “ba ba…shi shi”  which means daddy thank you.  Jeff at one point said “she just melts my heart.” 


We accomplished some major bonding today.  We noticed she would spill a little water out of her sippy cup and splash us with it,  so we showed her the water in the bathtub,  she loved it and we were able to give her the first bath today which lasted about an hour.  She ended up  splashing both Jeff and I and and dumping cups of water all over the floor,  but it was fun !


She also bumped her mouth on a chair, and came to me for comfort.  She fell asleep in my arms then woke up as happy as can be.  Some of the other English words she repeated today were, baby and Dallin.  She cleans up after herself and feeds herself very well.  She also fed me and Jeff all day long.  We have some adorable pictures. 


There is so much more,  we just don’t have time now.  I will post the pics!


Dawn J