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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Faith's 1st day of school

leaving for school!
watching another student arriving.
My little girl is growing up!  I had such a hard time yesterday morning getting her ready for school. Enrolling her into pre-school was a huge emotional hurdle I had to overcome because I just loved every moment of having her home with me.  But she was soooo excited.  Fortunately she is in afternoon classes, so we had all morning long  to talk about school, about meeting new friends, and about her teacher Mrs. Peggy, which Faith calls Mrs. Piggy.  When we got out of the car to walk Faith to her class room she told me how she just loves her teacher Mrs. Piggy sooo much ( she hadn't met her yet.) After school was over Faith gave me the "down low" on how her first day went.  I  asked if she hit anybody and her answer was, " Just a little bit"  Well I guess that's better than a whole lot!  At least she wasn't in tears and is excited to go back today and I didn't get a phone call!  Plus isn't she just so beautiful!  I love taking  pictures of her.