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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time to fess up...Faith is sick again :(

*****Update...no MRI for Faith this Friday, we will try again Friday February 26th... thanks for the thoughtful words of encouragement :)
Well the last post was so great, I didn't want to update...Faith's chest infection is back and it's nasty. We realized quite quickly after the antibiotics ran their course this infection might not be that easy to deal with because within a few days her cough was back. I called the nurse and she advised me to wait another week, but my mommy instincts kicked in and the next day I made another appointment. We have been to see the doctor now 5 times in two weeks. The doctor confirmed that her chest infection was back , and said they would have to cancel her MRI if we couldn't get it cleared up. So she is now on day 5 of Augmentin, and it's a 20 day treatment. Also, we have the nebulizer again and are doing three treatments a day for two weeks. Insomnia is a side effect, and we are just loving it here at the Brown house. Faith could be the star of our circus right now because of how hyped up she is on meds.

Another medical concern came up at our last appointment, and that is her history combined with how sick she has been here at home. Since we have had her she has been on antibiotics 15 out of 30 days. Which means when she is done with this round it will be 30 out of 45 days. That is not a good sign. We are really hoping she responds to this round of meds, it really is about as aggressive as you can get with treatment, before they start testing for other diagnosis's. Our main concern is Cystic Fibrosis. We have read up a little on the disease, and feel so sad for people who suffer with it. It is completely hereditary, and very unlikely because it is rare in Asians, but our doctor said we will have to do the test, which is done with sweat, if after this round she begins to decline again.

So, that is where we are at. The MRI is the last thing on our mind right now, and the chest infection has nothing to do with her original diagnosis. I will know tomorrow if she is well enough to have the MRI on Friday.

She is still very good natured despite her infection and I have a few new pictures of her, because I just can't stop taking them! I think she is the most beautiful child on the planet!

Here she is in an original outfit I am sure no one else owns. We ruined one of her new outfits while on the trampoline. My husband was spray painting our fence, ( because it got tagged grrrr) and the overspray landed on the trampoline without me noticing. So after we came inside, I took off the ruined outfit and sat her down to eat with a placemat, the next thing you know, she wants the placemat around her and tied on with a tape measure. It looks like we won't even need to worry about her running out of new outfits, we can start using the curtains next :)

Here she is with a new shirt she picked out...