Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death.

Friday, May 15, 2009

We got our PA! ( Pre approval from CHiNA!

A (PA) is significant in the adoption process. This is when China has reviewed our file and approved us to adopt the specific child we requested (pending we follow through with certain conditions). For me this step also means it is ok for us to begin connecting emotionally with our daughter. Going through this process is so unnatural. No woman picks the face of their child when she is pregnant. As a mother you love what you have created. In adoption, I am finding that I want so badly to emotionally connect, but I am afraid to give my entire heart because I don't want to get hurt if something goes wrong. This (PA) validates our paperwork, and says to me that it's ok to love her now...she is ours... the agency agrees and China agrees. Now our adoption starts to become real...we can also post her picture and give some details. Introducing our daughter Faith Hengsi Brown. We have already become attached to her, and are overjoyed every time we see her pictures. We know you'll fall in love with her too...you just can't help it, she is beautiful! I apologize to my close friends, I have already printed her pictures and carry them in my purse, and no doubt if you sit next to me during a sporting event, or other event, I will bring them out time and time again to talk about her. So be patient :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Power of Prayer!

We heard a cool saying from Mr. Spock in the new Star Trek movie today...
"Fate never happens when it's most convenient."

A leap of faith...so we have decided to move forward with adopting a daughter from China. Last week on Dallin's birthday, we met with the adoption agency for the first time. While in the office, we were looking for a little special needs girl we had seen a month before. Unfortunately, or fortunately for her, she has found a family to adopt her, but it was not us. I was so sad. As we sat, and visited with these wonderful ladies, there was another little girl who had been on hold for adoption, but was returned to the list. We looked at her picture, she was the first girl we saw and beautiful -We wondered why has no one adopted her?... Her file was forwarded to us at home. While driving home, we could not stop talking about her. As soon as we got home, we researched her file, knew she needed brain surgery, but felt it was right for us to "hold" her for our family. We immediately sent the required letter of intent, and surprised the adoption agency at how quickly we decided. Sunday we fasted and prayed about our decision and for more information, and our prayers have been answered. We feel now more than ever, that she is meant to be a part of our family! Now we hurry up and wait, until all our paperwork is complete, and we get approval. She is not yet two years old, our little Si Si. We will hopefully be traveling to China by the end of this year. Our kids are so excited, and Dallin has offered his bedroom to her. On a side note we got to see the new Star Trek movie before anyone else in the country. Microsoft set that one up for an employee morale event, and Jeff brought me along. The movie is fantastic!! We got as much free candy, pop, and popcorn as we wanted, and filled my purse full !(for the kids of course )