Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


We just love Guangzhou…it is a charming city.  The weather is like Hawaii and the architecture is a mix of 3 world with French Provincial.  Faith had a rough night her first night here.  He immune system is not holding up very well to the shots she received.  She woke up with a high fever at two am and never went back to sleep.  We gave her a bath and Motrin to calm her down, but we have been holding her a lot.  Day two we went to a beautiful Safari Park.  It was just amazing.  She enjoys the stroller and that has been nice.  She doesn’t like to be too close to the animals so we kept our distance at the exhibits.  There are more pictures to load… Hopefully I will get some time later. 

We have meet up with 11 families here and are enjoying the social life.  We went to a wonderful Italian restaurant the first night and then went to a massage parlor where they do group massages.   They let you take your children in with you and they have cartoons and oranges to keep them busy.  We were surprised that we were able to stay for an hour massage with Faith just relaxing and watching us. 


We also enjoyed Lucy’s Restaurant the second night.  It was just fabulous American style food.  We will be visiting there often.  We met a couple that is from Idaho that is also LDS and we have enjoyed getting to know them better.  This is their 3rd adoption from China and they have 6 children now. 


This morning we are getting ready to go to a temple where Faith will get a blessing.  Then we are doing some shopping.  I never got those Chinese dresses made…and now I hope it’s not too late. 


Have a great day!