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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Me Tarzan...You Jane

She was just laughing when she put this on her head, and so were we...it is new and clean.
A ride in the basket from the siblings!

Eating Crackers in the basket...
A new friend Dallis...Happy Birthday today!

Hello... many people are asking how do we communicate? Well, it's not easy. There is a lot of grunting and pointing on Faith's side, much like Tarzan in the jungle. And then there is us, all following her around and giving her whatever she grunts for. It is really pretty funny. She has also picked up on some fun words. When I am changing her into her pajama pants she will put her arm out and laugh when she knows I want her foot. I will say , " Si Si funny girl." Then she will say back to me , " Ma Ma funny girl." It is so dang cute! Also, when she wiggles away I will tell her she is " very sneaky sneaky." And she will repeat, " neaky neaky" We are just having the best time. The best words so far have to be, " I love you!" We will tell her this, and she will say in her best english " Happy You." Which is her way of saying " I love you."

Also, her frustration level is completely gone. She is so happy and sweet. She is giving us kisses several times a day. Her and Kylee have such a wonderful bond. Tonight Kylee came home from a basketball game, and Faith ran to greet her with a "Ni Hao Kylee!"

The big brothers have not been left out. They have a game she started, where she will lead them to sit on the couch in another room, then run away, and expect the boys to chase her back to the kitchen. Once they get to the kitchen, it starts all over again. We just love her laugh!

When it comes to daddy, it's open season for teasing. For several days when Jeff would leave for work, she would run to the door and say, " Ba Ba Boo Gwy" with the biggest smile on her face. Jeff thought it was so sweet until I told him it meant... Daddy not cute! Now Jeff pretends to be sad when she says this, and she has changed it to Ba Ba How Gwy" (Daddy cute) and gives him a kiss.

She is trying all sorts of food now, and likes several things. She eats toast with peanut butter, candy kisses, Ritz crackers, scrambled eggs with soy sauce, chicken nuggets and fries. She also likes milk if I warm it up a little.

We are almost done with her medical appointments. She had all her lab work done last week and she is very healthy with a excellent count on her antibodies. The doctors office called today and said they consider her to be a well child at this point. What a relief. The big elephant in the room is still hanging over our heads and that is her diagnosis from China from the CT scan. She has to have an MRI and that is scheduled at Children's Hospital in Seattle for Friday February 12th. She will have to have anesthesia, and we are not looking forward to it. But we need to know...and this is the only way.

Many small miracles are happening each day. One concern has been her bedtime and schedule. We want her to be secure and happy and not have bedtime be a trauma. After a few successful nights in her own bed she had reverted to not wanting to go to bed and crying with out us being able to console her. It just broke my heart, and I said a small prayer for inspiration and understanding. Just because she cannot tell me what she needs doesn't mean that Heavenly Father can't inspire and direct through the Holy Ghost. The next day I had a thought, and tried it that night. When it came time for bed; I enlisted all the siblings. Then I carried Faith to each of their rooms where we said, "night night", gave them a kiss, tucked them in bed turned off their light and closed their door. We did all three older siblings. Then when we got to her room, she was excited to pull back the covers and get into bed. She said night night and gave me a kiss. This has worked two nights in a row. I know this was inspiration and am grateful for these small miracles.