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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Testement Week 5

Choice 1: Joseph Smith—Matthew. The Savior Taught About Future Events
*Note: Joseph Smith—Matthew is found in the Pearl of Great Price.
  1. Joseph Smith—Matthew 1:4 contains questions that the Savior’s disciples asked Him. Verses 5–20 contain the answer the Savior gave to their first question regarding the destruction of the temple, and verses 21–55 contain His answer to their other questions concerning His Second Coming and the destruction of the wicked. Read Joseph Smith—Matthew. Then fill in the following chart. After each item you list, write the verse number where you found that item.
Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem (JS-M 1:5-20)
The Second Coming of Jesus Christ (JS-M 1:21-55)
Events to OccurFalse Christ vs 6
Kill apostles vs 7
Iniquity vs 10
Destruction of Jerusalem vs 12
Great tribulation of Jews vs 18
Shortened days vs 20
False prophets vs 21,22
False Christ vs 22
Elect Deceived vs 22
Wars and Rumors of wars vs 23,28,29
Elect Gathered vs 27
Iniquity abound vs 30
Gospel to all the world vs 31
Sky dark vs 33
Son of man come from the clouds vs 36

Promises to the RighteousShall be saved vs 11Shall not be deceived vs 37,39
Shall be ruler over all his goods vs 50
  1. Study 1 Nephi 22:16–22; Doctrine and Covenants 97:22, 25. Then write a statement that would give hope to a person who worries about the Second Coming.
The righteous are promised that the wicked shall not destroy them, the Lord promises to preserve the righteous by his power.  The Lord will destroy only his enemies.  The righteous need not fear.  The Lord promises to prepare a way for his people.  As long as we keep the commandments we will escape the destruction of the second coming.