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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Party! Happy as can BEE - Faith is 3!

You know what they say about asian drivers...well this is proof... luck for her big brother and dad were there to save the day!

Faith and her friend Lucy!

Party favors,  a little bag filled with fishy bubbles, a beach ball and a fish squirt toy or squirt gun.

We had a Bee theme party complete with Bee lollies, Bee-L-T sandwiches, P-Bee & Honey sandwiches, Honey sticks, Bit-O-Honey candy, and StrawBeery Lemonade and  a fruit bouquet we called the flower patch.  I also made the cake, she loves chocolate, so underneath the fondant there was chocolate gnache ...yummm.  The bee theme ended there, because her favorite treats are Swedish fish and gold fish.  We had beeutiful weather, and wonderful friends!  Thanks to my dear friend Dawn who shared some of these pictures with me!  I was so busy I missed many photo ops. 

Mom and Me at my PaRtY!

Trying to get Faith to smile and look at the camera...