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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Guangzhou day 4 {Red Couch Picture}

Ok…I think everyone in our group has hit a wall…we are done and want to be home.  It is getting a little old doing the hotel and eating out routine every day.  Also we have had our laundry done three times now.    At least we got to sleep in and hang out because of the consulate interview.  We also found out that our adoption agency sends a representative for us to the interview; that was nice.  Faith took a great nap during this time.  They had no questions about our paperwork and we get to take the oath tomorrow. 


We also had the traditional red couch picture taken in the hotel lobby…that was a joke.  I will post all the attempts of getting the children to sit still while on the couch… my personal favorite is Faith sticking her legs in the air spread eagle.  She is very Spicy! 


We had two tantrums today…one when we woke her early from her nap to go shop and the other when we wouldn’t let her have the entire plate of watermelon to play with on her plate with chopsticks.  She screamed the entire walk back to the hotel and we had many onlookers.   If she spoke English she would have understood me tell her that I have had 4 children and I am not fazed by tantrums.   We should get it on video. Jeff said to me. “ how can such a tiny thing create such havoc?” 


It’s a bit of a bummer because we were going out with another couple to dessert and hot chocolate, but her tantrum cut the night short.  As soon as we got back to the hotel she fell asleep. 


We also walked around the hotel and the grounds are beautiful…Uploading some pictures of that also.


Putting Faith to bed…goodnight J