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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Faith says, "Please adopt my best friend Pei Pei!"

This is one of Faith's best friends.  He, Faith and another little boy(Lan Lan) were inseparable in China.  Faith and Lan Lan have already been adopted. Pei can name the countries where his friends who have been adopted have gone to live with their new families.  I was reading my favorite list of blogs when I saw this recent picture and post about Pei, you can find it here.  Thank so much Amy for advocating for him!

 Pei is a fabulous four-year old who really needs a family. He is from the same SWI where Faith lived, so he has the advantages of coming from a great program where he has been very well cared for. Pei has been attending kindergarten, and has lived with a foster grandmother for some of his time.

Pei came into ICC's care as an infant. If you are unfamiliar with ICC, please see their link (english.chinaconcern.org) with info about their committed volunteers and all of their good work for these kids. Pei is described by someone who knows him personally as confident, outgoing, loving and affectionate. He loves kindergarten and wants a family -
While Pei was born w/ a sensitive special need, he has had surgery with a team of US doctors, and his future is bright!! With a family of his own, he can have a wonderful future. If you would like more info about Pei, please contact me. He is on the shared list, so any agency can request his file. I can put you in touch w/ someone who knows Pei and I also have several photos of Pei and Faith together.