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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ear's Pierced ~ so painful :(

Unfortunately there was only one person working and she had to do each ear seperately.  Faith knew it would hurt, and was a brave little peanut!  She stood still for both ears...even after she felt the first ear.  So proud of her.  She also is into rainbows and picked a colorful flower for her studs. 

The sucker didn't seem to help :(

But all is well!  About 5 minutes after it was done she was asking me to tell everyone in the mall to look at her pretty ears.  And at home she was all smiles in her pj's!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

~ Faith's 1st Soccer Practice~

Faith has been wanting to play soccer since she could speak English.  Her older brother Dallin plays.  We finally got her signed up and she was so excited!  Here is a picture on our porch in her practice gear.  Practice was entertaining to say the least.  She was pretty distracted by the snow mounds still left on the field, and when the coach told her to dribble the ball, she had no idea what that meant and would just kick it really hard.  She also had to go potty in the middle of practice and there was no bathroom unlocked...so we had to drive home and drive back.  Add to that the cold,wet, windy,rainy weather and you can imagine how fun this 1st practice really was :)  She didn't complain once!  I did, but then again I am a sun worshiper and Seattle is the wrong state to live in~  she is a cute little thing!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mother ~ Daughter trip to Florida!

We had a wonderful loooong weekend together in sunny Florida!   Faith stayed home with daddy and the brothers while Kylee and I had some girly bonding time.  We got to visit Cocoa Beach, Universal Orlando and Disneyworld. We were there a total of 120 hours of which we only slept 25 hours. ( Yes we need a vacation from our vacation) We played non stop! Here are some of the highlights from our trip. They are not in order because I am too tired to mess with blogger at the moment.

Some cute pictures of Disney and Kylee
We met many characters, and Kylee almost killed her boyfriend Spidy's nemesis, Green Goblin!  Go Kylee! ( and yes she really does have a huge crush on spiderman...watch out MaryJane!
Driving from Miami to Orlando, we stopped at the Ron Jon surf shop!  So fun.  Also we had a great rental, a Nissan that was an automatic, but shifted like a stick...so fun to drive!!!
Harry Potter, Butterbeer, and the best fish and chips I have ever tasted...and that is a big deal since we live in Seattle and have the freshest fish around!  They win!  We got to eat in this really cool wooden cottage ( The Three Broomsticks)  that had a spiral staircase.  It was lovely!
Universal Studios - I thought I was going to die on that red rockin rollercoaster!  You can program whatever music you want playing in your seat during the ride...I listened to Glamorous by Fergie and Kylee listened to Stronger by Kelly Clarkson. It was amazing by the way!
Disneyworld never disappoints!  The Tiki Room, Splash Mountain, Pirates, fireworks, a magical light show on the castle, princesses, the Electric Light parade and us!  It was Magical!
Here are the few pictures I happened to be in.  I carried the camera the entire time, and we just never got many opportunities to get someone else to take a few of us together.  We did make some attempts with our reflections.  OH and I got to feel Captain AMERICA'S Muscles! 
See I told you Kylee had a crush on Spiderman ~  We were shopping in his store when he snuckup from behind and surprised her! He threw a football and she caught it ~ He took a quick picture then went off to his duties of saving the world.  Kylee stalked him, and found him taking pictures against a green screen, got another 5 minutes with him, where she told him to leave Maryjane for her ! 
Cocoa Beach and our Ron Jon beach blanket ~  Loved the beach,and the weather !  Perfect !

Friday, March 9, 2012

A sweet picture ~

Faith and her big sister were coloring together when Faith asked Kylee to draw a picture for her. This is what Faith wanted Kylee to draw. She was so excited to come show me the picture of her in my tummy. I was a little sad. I missed out on so much with my sweet little peanut. I explained to her that she was born in my heart, and that I love her very much. I don't want to overcomplicate her sweet idea, to soon. I am not sure when the time will come for me to explain to her about adoption, but right now she is still in the bubble, and I am content to let her enjoy as much of that as possible.