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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More than just a number

Adoptions from China to U.S. by year
Year             Adoptions

2010 3401 = ( our peanut!)
2009 3000
2008 3912
2007 5453
2006 6492
2005 7903
2004 7038
2003 6857
2002 6116
2001 4705
2000 5058

I was doing some research online about adoptions and came across this table of statistics on adoptions from China to the US.   I must be very emotional today because this was just so profound to me.  My baby is so much more than a number...but that little number "1" at the end of 3400 is my daughter.  She is my world, she is our world.  I wish more people would realize how amazing adoption is.  Her life has changed several lives for the better, and her gift to us is priceless.  How glad I am that we were determined enough to pursue what was in our hearts.  We love you Faith Hengsi Brown.