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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Midwinter break + Stacation

As part of our midwinter break from school we like to go have lunch with Dad and visit the Microsoft campus. We brought along a few friends this time, and the kids had so much fun. The older boys had Chinese for lunch, Faith and Lucy had noodles, and I had coconut shrimp, Jeff had a burger. All you can drink pop, juice and chocolate milk make this annual tradition one of the kids favorites!
the view from Jeff's office
Founders of Microsoft...we wish!
Girls playing on the new Surface
boys playing with touch screens
All business here at the Microsoft campus
Shake close by!
Your computer is better than my computer!
Skyping each other
painting bunnies
This is fun!
Another cool technology table
She loves her mama!
pink is the only color to paint with!
drawing on the white erase board in Jeff's office.