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Monday, December 27, 2010

We were getting ready to meet Faith a year ago...

I really can't believe it's been a year since we travelled to China.  They say, "Time flies when your having fun."  This year has flown by.  For the last few weeks  I have spent hours looking at our pictures from China.  We loved the adventure of traveling to China, the history and the beauty are something pictures can't fully show. 
The excitement and anticipation we felt a year ago at Christmas time is hard to put into words.  I was nervous about the long flights ,I was nervous to be traveling to a foreign country where so much control is held over it's people.  I was nervous to leave my children home alone for so long.  I was nervous about my daughter's disability and her many transitions , I was nervous about our transitions.

Fast forward a year later...I am constantly amazed as I watch Faith skip around the house singing at the top of her lungs all sorts of songs, she sings all day long, and I love it.  I marvel at her love for her siblings and their love for her.  She is a joy that cannot be measured.  I am daily amazed that I get to be her mom, and am constantly thankful for the opportunity.  I wish that as a younger mother I would have had time to appreciate the small moments in each day as I do with Faith, or maybe I appreciate those moments because it was so difficult to get Faith home.  It could also be that I have adult children now and know how quickly time passes and that gives me this different perspective.  Whatever the reason,  I welcome my new perspective. 

Faith's official gotcha anniversary is January 5th,  my oldest daughter turns 18 on January 6th and our oldest son Spencer goes away to college on January 1st. (tear, tear)  With this busy household we might not have a big celebration for her gotcha day,  it will most likely be life as usual, but with my new perspective we will enjoy it just as much as a big party! 

I am hoping to post a few favorite picture from China each day, we have hundreds... here is my 1st.  We are at the Buddhist Temple getting a blessing.  Loved this experience, it was so sacred for us.