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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


My cousin got to meet Elizabeth Smart today...she wrote the below~
I got to meet Elizabeth Smart tonight. She is a lovely young woman. She told her story at the Tooele Healthy Woman event.

It was great to hear her speak even though it was really difficult to hear her story.

The day after she returned home, her mom gave her some advice that has guided her life and I think it is worth sharing.

Her mom told her that what "that guy" did to her was horrible ...and evil and there weren't words to describe it. He had taken 9 months of her life. Then her mom told her to not let him take any more. Her best "revenge" would be to be happy and move forward and not give him one more day of her life. She thought about it and agreed. She would live her life doing things she loved with the people she loved around her looking forward not back.

As I was talking with another attendee aftewrard we talked about how so many of us hold grudges over stupid little things and we let those who have hurt us continue to hurt us. We CAN let go and not look back. We can't choose what happens to us but we can choose how we act/react. We can choose to live in the present and look forward.