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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1st school picture...where did my baby go?

Here is Faith's official school picture.  I am so proud of her.  A few days before them she practiced smiling in the mirror.  She likes to do silly faces and usually closes her eyes when she smiles.  I just love this picture!  She also gave herself a haircut 3 days before the pictures, so she now has bangs like mom and big sister.  She actually did a pretty good job.  Dallin found lots of hair hidden behind one of the chairs in our family room.  One thing about Faith is she never lies.  She will come right out and tell you what she did, when she did it, and why.  So she showed  us where she found the scissors, and where she "hid" her hair.  She looks older to me with bangs.  I am just loving this stage with her.  She is doing so well in school and is a pure joy in our home.