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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Changsha Day 3...the adoption is final!

Well it’s official…Faith is our daughter!  We met again at the Chinese Adoption Bureau to finish our paperwork and have the documents notarized.  You will see us putting our fingerprints on the documents and Faith putting her handprint.   After that we went to Wal-Mart…yes there is one in Changsha.  It was quite the experience.  I posted pictures from today.  Faith continues to be just charming and we are having a fantastic time with her.   It’s been awhile since we had a toddler, and our first experience to a restaurant was hilarious.  First they didn’t speak a lick of English…second they had glass tableware already set on the table, and third Faith grabbed everything she could and made the most noise we have heard out of her… I am sure it’s because she liked the attention from the other diners.  Faith eventually got ahold of a plate and threw it on the hard tile floor…it made a huge sound!  I was just happy it didn’t break. We quickly changed our minds about eating out and came back to the hotel to order room service.  


She enjoyed chicken nuggets and her first French fries…she loved them.  She has many behaviors similar to our other children…she stores food in her mouth for hours,  our daughter Kylee also did this.  She is picky like Jensen…she picked out the little white seeds from her watermelon and picked all the vegetables out of her fried rice. She also picked the skin off of lima beans and eats the bean.   She is also a spicy Hunan girl…she likes garlic--- A LOT!  And now she stinks to high heaven  J 


She likes to wrestle with her dad, and they are very playful.  She has repeated all the kids names Spencer, Kylee Jensen and Dallin, and also the words “I love you”  She loves her backpack and takes it everywhere we go.  We have several picture books and a pillow we sent to her with our picture on it.  She loves to look at the pictures and say all our names when pointing to us. 


My mom will laugh about this little habit…she sucks her left thumb!  Yes I sucked my left thumb also.  I always was surprised I didn’t have a child with that habit… well now I do.   She also hums herself to sleep and it is so cute! 


We also got her passport pictures and documents done, we will have those by Friday before we travel to Guangzhou and the American Consulate to get her immigration paperwork done. 


What a journey!!!



Day 3 Beijing

I just uploaded the few pictures we took on our travel day out of Beijing on Sunday… not a day worth remembering as far as the stress and the long wait at the airport…but a day to remember because it made our Monday Gotcha day possible.  The final count of grounded airplanes was 590…with 7 flying out.  We were reminded of the day our daughter Kylee was born 17 years ago…  the hospital was snowed in and no one could get home.  We were lucky we lived close, and barely made it home before another big storm hit.  None of our family could make the 15 minute drive to come see us for at least 5 days. 


It seems there is something to us getting daughters at the same time there is a great snow storm.  I will have to look up some fables and see if it means anything.  Also our official adoption happened today January 5th 2010…our daughter Kylee’s birthday is January 6th.  These sisters already have quite a few things in common.


She is wanting my attention so I will finish my post and upload more later tonight .