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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

By this time next year....

We just got back from a small vacation boating, and it seemed every little moment of quiet either myself or Jeff would utter something like, " By this time next year we will be doing this with Faith." or " Next time we come here we will be teaching Faith how to swim...I wonder if Faith will like boating as much as we do, I sure hope so." She is already such a big part of our thoughts and hopes it has become natural to include her in small ways like this.
I also am mentally keeping track of how long it has been since our Dossier was sent to China. That was such a large to do list, it kept us busy and focused. Now there is no list, and the quiet moments almost seem to last forever. This is a real test of patients, and I am determined to trust in the Lord's timing and not stress about the time-line. It will happen when it's suppose to happen. For now I will enjoy the thoughts of her with us and the dreams I sometimes am blessed to enjoy!