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Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!

This week will be gone before it gets here. We are so busy; getting ready for Christmas is a task in itself for a mother, then add company and a trip to China, while simultaneously preparing your 3 children that are staying home to manage their own busy lives ( all 3 are playing basketball, which means daily practices and several games a week X 3 people)

This is when I say to myself...(BREATHE) and I remember why we are so busy, what the season is about and I become thankful for the busyness and the people in my life that have been supportive of our family. My children had over 20 families in church yesterday offer their support 24/7 while we travel to meet our daughter and their sister. I have no doubt they all mean it, and there will be many lovely, wonderful friends checking in on my babies. Even if my babies are all are teenagers, or almost. We have the support of Spencer's girlfriend who has been so generous with her time and is staying with the kids, and then her parents who came over last night to go over the kids daily schedules and are ready (and even excited) to attend the games and cheer on the kids in our place.

Merry Christmas! Here is our Christmas card. We truly have {JOY} in our home and in our lives!