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Friday, January 29, 2010

All is Well...we have been home two weeks today!

We are happy to report Faith is feeling better! She had her follow up appointment yesterday and her chest is clear and her fevers are gone! Now that she is feeling better we are seeing more of her personality. She did have several vials of blood drawn yesterday and was such a trooper. She cried but really it was not that bad and she immediately settled down when I picked her up to comfort her. She has definitely bonded with us.

She has been the source of much laughter in our home with her silly ways. I will call her a funny girl, and she will say " Ma Ma funny girl!" She also loves confined spaces, on the airplane she would squeeze down by our feet and play for a while. Since we have been home, she will find the kids gym bags, empty them and get inside them. She also likes to be carried around in them. We are not sure what this means. We laugh and think of the Seinfeld episode when Kramer rents out his large drawers to Chinese guests and they say it's just like home. Maybe Faith slept in a drawer?

Here she is in Dallin's backpack !

Jensen's basketball gym bag