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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Dallin!

I just can't believe my {baby} boy is twelve! Don't you just love this picture of him!  Doesn't he look twelve! Where did the time go?  Dallin is soooo glad he is twelve.  He was not happy being the baby of the family and welcomed Faith with open arms! 
At age twelve he can now move into the youth group at church and take on greater responsibilities.  He will be able to pass the sacrament and attend weekly activities with Kylee and Jensen.  In his own words he is now " Not stuck home with mom"...dreadful I know.  Dallin is my pessimist,  the cup is half empty.  I am not sure how to help him transition his attitude but we keep trying.  For his birthday he got an online membership  to Pirates of the Caribbean Disney game and he is going to go golfing with Dad and Jensen...a guy's day.  He is so excited to use his clubs.  We will then go out to eat at a restaurant of his choice then come home for homemade cake and ice-cream.  We have such unique traditions right? 
Dallin's birthday also has significant meaning for our family because it was on Dallin's birthday a year ago that we found our daughter.  Jeff and I drove to our new adoption agency to fill out paperwork.  We had not planned on reviewing faces or files; she was not in their system until that morning we arrived.  An employee was surprised to see a new file and mentioned it.  It peaked our curiosity and we hovered over her shoulder to take a look. . 
That is when we saw her beautiful face. She was the first file we looked at and the only file we looked at. I am so grateful for that. I can't imagine pouring over faces and files to find her. 
So happy to celebrate two of our beautiful children on May Day!