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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Journey Home!

We are finally home! Actually it's been a few days but we have been so caught up in the moment that blogging was put on the back burner.

Remember my last post where I said we are not phased by tantrums...well I was wrong. Faith is in total control here. I had the best laid plans for her to be well dressed to meet her family. I packed the cutest outfit in a carry on bag and planned to change her in the bathroom at the airport before we met everyone. I knew she didn't like socks and shoes and thought it was a stroke of luck when she fell asleep on the plane. I decided to change her then. She slept through the entire process and I felt such triumph.

However it was short lived because when we touched down and she woke up , she quickly realized her leggings and shoes were on her somehow; and threw the best fit...comparable to the day she got her shots. So in her pictures you will see she is happy and wearing barely anything. The spicy girl won out.

Our friends who also adopted from China were there to welcome us along with Teiha and our children. What a wonderful sight! We are so thankful our friend Dawn brought her camera and captured some wonderful pictures. Truely a moment like none other for our family. We sure miss our dear sweet Spencer who is serving a mission for our church in California...and only can imaging the joy we will feel when he arrives home in July. Then we will really be complete. Faith was well prepared to meet her siblings and recognized them at once. They each got a turn holding her. Our home was also decorated by our oldest daughter Kylee and our good friend Beth came over to help prepare some sticky rice and hard boiled eggs the day before. They also left her a trycicle and some other wonderful toys. Thanks to everyone who made this transition so easy for us and our children at home. WE ARE SO Blessed!

Faith's clock is off and we have been up until 2 am every night... tonight I switched up the routine and gave Faith a bath, she quieted down and fell asleep at 10 pm. We are all hoping she will sleep the entire night.

We are also thankful that the kids are not in school tomorrow, one more day to play together before the crazy schedule begins again.