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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Journal Week 2

This week I had the opportunity to learn about ethics, integrity and honesty.  I watched a video by Frank Levinson, “Why are Ethics Important.”  He talks about a pretty big mistake he made in picking someone to operate his business, he chose this person because he was really smart.  That decision ended up costing him his own job.  The take away from his story is; it is better to build people around you that are honest and loyal above all other attributes.  Intelligence is nice, but honesty is better.  He also suggested to begin with trustworthy people at the beginning of any business decision and stay the course.  Never make unethical decisions.

The second video was by Jan Newman called risk in Business.  His message was to be invested in what you do.  He kept using the term “skin” as in “get some skin in the game”.  For me this represents our personal investment, which can be labor, time, financial, spiritual, but always ethical.  Although each of the videos were short, they left a great impression on me.  I have been fortunate to be at home while we raised our children and never really had to face any of the tough decisions regarding ethics that go along with business.  I know as I finish my education and enter the workforce, there will be temptations.  Having a gospel centered education is great, but I think the ultimate trump card for me is having a gospel centered life.  Ethics and honesty are issues not only in the work place, but everywhere.  Being an older student I have life experience on my side, so I understand the truths from my own experiences.  It was a great reminder of what is important.

I was also able to read a few great articles.  I really liked the message from Elder Lynn G. Robinson describing how being on the highest level of integrity will shape your career.  He says,

”Those at the A-level aren’t working for mankind, but living for mankind, trying to lift and help others. If a love of God and fellowmen is the primary motivation, then the working man or woman will be a kingdom builder and a full-tithe payer. They will have a “zeal towards their fellow men . . . and will be perfectly honest and upright in all things” (Alma27:27).  As a laborer they will be “worthy of their hire” (Luke 10:7).  As an employer they will give a “just recompense of wages,” (D&C 124:121).  They will be a beloved employer and endeavor to help, not only their customers, but also their employees and community. They will have a baker’s dozen mentality with superior customer service. Sometimes this person will even render service at no charge to help someone in need, such as those doctors who travel to Third-world countries to help the disadvantaged.  Their products and services are of the highest quality.”

I want to be this kind of person once I enter the workforce.  What a great motivator!