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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Leaving Guangzhou today!!!

Well we are done…today we begin our travels home!  Faith had a great day yesterday.  She is realizing that her little fits don’t work on us,  and when she doesn’t get what she wants she gets over it much more quickly.   We didn’t have any tours scheduled…we just hung out and went to lunch.   We also traveled to the US Consulate to take the oath.  Basically we swear under oath that everything regarding our documents is true and correct.  It was a lot easier than I expected and didn’t take very long. They don’t allow pictures at the Consulate.  Also the young woman who did the swearing in ceremony said she was from Utah.  Afterward we approached her and asked if she was LDS, she said yes and that she had served a mission in Taiwan before working at the US Consulate…she also said there were about six other LDS return missionaries working in her office.  Very cool.   Later that night we ate dinner with some families in our travel group at a German restaurant that is located in a train car.  It was really fun.  Faith was very well behaved and is understanding English better each day.  She also slept through the night and slept in until 7 am.  Too bad we are going to have to readjust again when we get home.  Faith is as excited as we are to leave and has been very helpful packing her suitcase.   We found her some squeaky shoes this morning and she is happily wearing them now.  We could not get her to keep shoes and socks on…until the squeaky shoes!  She now says bubbles when she is in the bath… and she sings, “ E I E I O… as in Old MacDonald.  Very cute. 


We have heard that the train station is a little confusing…so hopefully today will go smoothly.  I have not been able to view our blog  or see any comments while here…just update and make slide shows, I hope I haven’t ignored anyone.   Thanks to my friends and family for supporting and feeding my children at home.   I really appreciate the home cooked meals that were made.  They are excited for me to come home and are tired of fast food.  I guess a lot of pizza was had.  We can’t wait to start a new normal life with little Faith home.  She is such a beautiful blessing to us and we have so much gratitude to a loving Heavenly Father.  This has definitely been a spiritual journey  and we have grown so much.  We feel so complete. 


Till we meet again!