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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Our daughter is so blessed to benefit from the non profit group International China Concern. Below are their plans to celebrate Christmas. Her orphanage family is all she knows, and I am so grateful she will be spending the holiday experiencing a small piece of Christianity with the nannies and caregivers that have taken such good care of her. She is loved, what more could a mother ask of others, than to love her children.

"As we have all noticed Christmas is fast approaching and plans are underway here in Heng Yang to give the children a fun Christmas. It is not the same as in our Western countries - it can't be, but we try to make sure that the reason for Christmas is remembered, that the kids and staff get some good food into them, and that a lot of fun is had.

This Christmas in Heng Yang we are planning several different parties with the different groups of kids. An evening party on the 23rd will involve most of the older children and their caregiving staff, they will have a special dinner with their "family groups" and then they will come together to do items and plays about Christmas. All the kids are to come in costumes related to Christmas, we are expecting angels, shepherds, kings, stars and animals to turn up. It will be chaotic, but fun.

On the 24th during the day we are going to hold a very special interactive party with our more severely disabled toddlers and children where they will have one on one adult support to participate in the fun. The therapy department are arranging this activity to involve also sorts of visual and sensory things related to Christmas for this group of special kids. Then, in the afternoon of the 24th we will hold our baby and toddler group party. The caregivers plan to make dumplings to eat together and the kindergarten and care groups are arranging all sorts of songs with actions and plays.

On the evening of the 24th our foreign volunteer team will carry candles around the welfare centre (including both ICC and those under government care) to sing carols to the babies, children, elderly and staff. The Chinese always love this tradition and always join in the caroling.

I am planning this year to set up a little photo shoot for our kids to have a special Christmas photo. I am not sure how the quality will be on my camera and with homemade props, but the idea is to get the kids in a Christmas scene looking cute, they are all so cute, so that won't be hard.

Wishing you all a really wonderful Christmas and that in the hurry of it all you have time to stop and remember the reason for it. I know two families amongst you will be busy preparing to come pick up your babies in the New Year - enjoy the process as you get ready for your little bundles and know that they are having fun this Christmas while they wait for you."