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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1 Year GOtCha Anniversary!

 The worst snow storm in 60 years almost kept us from her province. Ours was one of 7 planes out of 600 + that made it out of Beijing.  Our sweet guide Amy (pictured) waited at the Changsha airport for us for 12 hours.  That day and night waiting alone at the airport with no phone,no guide no hope was one of the most difficult days we have ever experienced. 
It was so frightening walking out to a plane covered in snow with no plows or de-icers in sight.  We boarded and deboarded twice, and waited on the plane for two hours until they brought a portable de-icer so we could take off.  At one point I asked Jeff if this flight out was worth our lives, because the pilot was only twenty years old and had never flown in snow/ice. 
After only 2 hours sleep we get to meet our daughter...it was worth ever moment of stress and worry!  Here the assistant to the director of the orphanage is explaining to Faith that her mom and dad are here.  He is pointing to a pillow we sent to her in China with our family picture on it.   No Tears... this was fantastic!
Daddy showing Faith a picture book his sister Wendy made for Faith...she did so very well this day.

Leaving the Adoption Affairs office with Faith , notice that huge grin on my face...it's in every picture ! 
Us at our Hotel in Changsha.

Layers and layers of clothing on this little peanut!

It's official...signing the paperwork!