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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sick again...I have lost count:(

I was reading over my blog and read my post dated February 9th (sick again)  So that was nothing to how many times we have been to the doctor now.  In fact, the doc and I are becoming good friends. I know his dog sleeps with him, he also had adopted two sons, he has a boat, he has diabetes... he has gotten comfortable around me and tells me to shush when I start talking while he is trying to listening to Faith's chest...it's really sad, my social environment has become the doctor's office.  The nurses and I are getting along great also.  Everyone greets Faith when we walk in the door, and they all let her have what ever she wants with the treats and stickers. 
I  honestly cannot even count how many times we have been in to see him.  Faith has now been on antibiotics longer than she has not.  We are on 70 days I believe.  Those days are intermittent.  She takes them for 20 days is healthy and happy during that time, then when she goes off she slowly declines until we are back at the doctor with either a fever or an infection of some kind. 
This Friday we are heading to the specialists at Seattle's Children's Hospital, hoping to figure out what is up with our Little miss Faith. 
The most difficult part is holding her down for the blood work, while she is screaming Ma Ma  several times, and looking at me confused.   We are trying to form a trusting bond and I am helping to hurt her...I am sure she is just so confused.  I almost passed out the last time they drew blood because they couldn't find a vein and rolled that needle under her skin forever, all the while she is screaming...grrr. Poor Baby!
So more needles, and unknowns in our near future...I wonder when I look back at this post what will have transpired?