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Thursday, March 15, 2012

~ Faith's 1st Soccer Practice~

Faith has been wanting to play soccer since she could speak English.  Her older brother Dallin plays.  We finally got her signed up and she was so excited!  Here is a picture on our porch in her practice gear.  Practice was entertaining to say the least.  She was pretty distracted by the snow mounds still left on the field, and when the coach told her to dribble the ball, she had no idea what that meant and would just kick it really hard.  She also had to go potty in the middle of practice and there was no bathroom unlocked...so we had to drive home and drive back.  Add to that the cold,wet, windy,rainy weather and you can imagine how fun this 1st practice really was :)  She didn't complain once!  I did, but then again I am a sun worshiper and Seattle is the wrong state to live in~  she is a cute little thing!