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Monday, May 21, 2012

Faith with her first and last soccer team.  She has decided that soccer is not her thing and wants to start up gymnastics again.  Her poor coach, when she is on the field she could care less about making goals and once actually stopped and picked me a  Dandelion  flower in the middle of the game and ran off the field to deliver it to me.  So do I finish out the season, or just be done early?  The coach seems so frustrated with the lack of desire and has 6 other busy 4 year olds he is trying to coach.  On the plus side, isn't she so stinking cute in her picture!   She is also wearing a pink sports bra, she absolutely loves!  She wants to be just like her big sister <3

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

~ Girls Weekend~

We had such a fun weekend, just the girls :)  We embarked on a road trip to Kylee's new school Eastern Washington University!  I am so happy she is just a quick 4 hour drive from home.  ( I will be able to get her home on holidays and some weekends!)  My cousin and her family also live in Spokane which is just a half hour away.  We got to spend the night with them and attend my second cousins ( Kira's)  Young Women Medallion Ceremony.  Everyone was so nice on the campus and we were able to meet with the department advisor for Kylee's major.  He will be the one to approve her into the program she wants to study!  ( She is going to major in Biology and minor in humanities)  She has decided that she is interested in becoming a doctor!  So proud of her!  So here is my pre-med daughter in her new university wear :)
One of the reasons Kylee chose Eastern was because of their football program.  She is a major fan and is looking forward to cheering the team on as much as possible!
A nice apartment complex going into town.
The field where she will lose her voice!
the other fields ( it is a really small town)
My sweet cousin Paula on the left with her best friend Lisa on the right.  ( Lisa flew from Utah to be with them for Kira's special night)
Little miss Faith :)
Kira and her boyfriend ( People think she and Kylee look alike?)
Little miss Faith again :)
Some things I learned on our little weekend. 
  • My cousin's house is like Fort Knox, once it's locked there is no getting back in ( I tried).  I left my phone plugged into the wall, and had to make a 1/2 hour round trip drive to Paula's work to fetch the key...
  • Do not depend on contact information from your phone ( if you lock it in someones house, you cannot get ahold of that person to get their key because their number is also locked away in said house)
  • What's mine is Kylee's and what's Kylee's is Kylee's.  I really miss my own hair dryer.  Mine has more power than hers and one morning I woke up to realize she had switched them.  I got to use mine again on the trip, and I miss it!
  • Do not put Faith's carseat in the center of the back seat.  If she sees out the front windshield she will get car sick.
  • Do let Faith walk by herself when out of the car, so that throw up misses me completely.
  • Spokane needs to synchronize their lights on Division street! 
  • Do Not buy husband sweatshirts with writing on the sleves, he thinks they are girly ( who knew?)