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Monday, October 12, 2009

When will we travel?

I get asked this a lot? I found a great explanation on a website for adoptive parents. I have bolded where we are at in the process. Hope this helps!

BEFORE you get your LOA you will want to fill out the following forms:
? I800 application. Hopefully your agency has a model for you to follow. The directions are less than helpful, in my humble opinion.
? I864W if both parents are traveling. This needs to be sent with the I800 application. I think you do the I864 if you are traveling alone.

For the I800 application you will also need some supporting documents from your agency and it doesn't hurt to start asking for them early on. You need:
? your child's referral info in English and in Chinese.
? You will need a copy of your agency's Hague accreditation.
? You will also need a copy of your Hague training hours certificate- a photocopy was fine for us.
? Your agency will also have to write a letter stating that all the info translated in to English is accurate. This, along with your LOA, is what is considered the Article 16 info that is mentioned in the directions for the I800.

Now all you need is a copy of your signed LOA and you can ship off to USCIS

BEFORE you get LOA-You will also need to fill out the DS230 application- this is the form that will go to China and begin the visa process for the child to enter the US. It?s pretty quick and easy but each agency seems to have their preferred way to fill it out, so check with yours. You will need to send this to your agency BEFORE you get LOA so that it is ready to go to China once you return your LOA to them. Your agency will get a second LOA that the consulate will have to sign. It?s called ?Letter Seeking Confirmation from the Central Authority of the Receiving State? ? The American Consulate being the central authority. They need to get that LOA to their representative in China with your DS230.

Now, what exactly happens after LOA? USCIS processes your I800 application. This takes around 10 days but I know they are trying to make it as fast as possible. Then USCIS turns your file over to another branch of the Department of Homeland Security, called the National Visa Center (NVC). NVC scans your file into its system. Once they do this, the American Consulate in GZ can now access your immigration approval and file. This also takes about 10 days, depending on where the weekends fall.

Your DS230 and the second LOA need to be at the consulate by the time your file is uploaded so that they can begin processing your child?s visa. They cannot work on it without both parts though, so the file needs to be sent and your DS230 needs to be delivered to the consulate. Most agencies have a courier that is handling this in China. The courier drops off the documents at the Consulate.

The Consulate reviews your file and signs the second LOA. Once they do, your agency needs to pick it up and get it to the CCAA so your official wait for TA can begin. Most agencies have their courier pick it up and then overnight it to Beijing. The consulate is taking about 5 days to get these signed. They can occasionally ask for additional information if they need it. I know of one case where that happened. It doesn?t mean you won?t get approved. It will just add a few days onto the process while your agency or the CCAA gets the info to them.

Then the CCAA will work on processing your TA. It is taking anywhere from 50-80 days after LOA to get your TA.

Look what we are working on now... Here is our packing list...Hip Hip Horray!

My thought after looking this over is it seems made for a smaller infant...will I need these items for a 2 1/2 year old little girl? Are there other items not on this that I will need for a toddler?

Packing List for International Adoption

􀂅 Disposable diapers (5 - 8 per day)
􀂅 Unscented baby wipes (100)
􀂅 Ziploc bags (both gallon and sandwich size to hold wipes for travel – just a few of each)
􀂅 Small plastic garbage bags (for dirty diapers and clothes – just a few)
􀂅 Diaper bag or backpack for baby supplies
􀂅 Snugli or other baby carrier, preferably one that allows baby to face both outward and inward
􀂅 Two 8-oz. baby bottles to be used with bottle liners
􀂅 100 - 150 bottle liners to fit bottles
􀂅 4 standard bottle nipples
􀂅 Small thermos for keeping water hot for formula when traveling
􀂅 Small scissors to enlarge nipple holes (most babies in China as accustomed to faster milk delivery than a small hole allows)
􀂅 One to two 14 - 16 oz. cans powdered formula. Many parents choose a soy-based formula because of possible lactose intolerance, but a standard formula is almost always safe. Consult your pediatrician if you are uncertain. Chinese formula is readily available, and it may be advantageous to keep your child on the formula they are accustomed to until you return to the U.S.
􀂅 Rice cereal (infants over six months may be interested in foods besides formula)
􀂅 5 -10 lunchbox size containers of natural applesauce (can be mixed with rice cereal)
􀂅 Small plastic bowl and baby spoon
􀂅 Sippie cup for toddlers
􀂅 Cheerios (small ziploc bag full if baby is over 7 or S months). They dissolve in the mouth and are an interesting new experience. Bring more if your child is over one year.
􀂅 2 - 3 plastic bibs (disposable bibs are also great)
􀂅 2 pacifiers (most babies won’t use them but they may come in handy)
􀂅 2 burp cloths (such as a cloth diaper)
􀂅 2 - 3 baby blankets (I crib blanket, 1- 2 receiving blankets)
􀂅 2 - 4 pajamas
􀂅 5 - 6 pairs baby booties or socks
􀂅 6 - 8 outfits or Onesies (depending on weather and time of year). Bring 3 different sizes to be on the safe side.
Note: Extra winter clothing
2 - 4undershirts of thermal Onesies
Warm pajamas with feet
Snowsuit (fleece works well with infants) or warm jacket
Most people bring one very cute outfit to wear when getting off the plane arriving home
􀂅 I small bottle of baby soap and shampoo
􀂅 I small bottle of baby lotion
􀂅 I small container of cornstarch baby powder
􀂅 I tube of diaper rash cream
􀂅 2 tubes of chap stick
􀂅 Baby hairbrush
􀂅 Baby nail clippers
􀂅 Several small baby rattles or toys
􀂅 Teething ring
􀂅 For toddlers: small bottle of bubbles, set of plastic stacking cups, and 2 heavy-duty cardboard books
􀂅 Small stuffed animal (musical is nice)
􀂅 Umbrella stroller (many hotels provide strollers and a stroller can be purchased for less than $20 if you decide you need one)
􀂅 Small bottle of Dial antibacterial hand sanitizer
􀂅 Consider bringing an extra bag in your luggage for souvenirs (bags can also be purchased for under $10 if time allows)
􀂅 A small bag of clothing to give to the orphanage director
􀂅 6 - small gifts to give to caregivers, guides, drivers, etc. (Something unique to your area is nice; i.e. pens, pins, etc.)
Note: Small gift bags
Tissue to wrap gifts in (any color other than white)