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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Miracles do happen...

We are getting ready now to meet our daughter this morning.  It is a miracle we are in her province.  Beijing had the largest snow storm in 30 years yesterday and we sat at the airport for 12 hours hoping to make a flight.  Only seven of 500 flights made it out of Beijing.  We were one of them.  We arrived at our hotel at 2 am this morning.  Very tired,  but soooo grateful.  Thank you for the prayers they are felt!  We were with 3 other adopting families and they all had their flights cancelled and are going to have to deal with not meeting their children this morning.  Our hearts and prays go out to them. 
Also...we are looking for our camera, it got misplaced in all the travel efforts.   I will write more later on that day...just so glad it's in the past.
Love to all!