Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Journal Entry Week 4

This week I had the opportunity to learn about the enduring aspect of Entrepreneurs.  Becoming successful is a never-ending process.  That process means that we need to take each life lesson and make it an asset in our knowledge base.  We can do this by applying those lessons to our lives.  I think of the saying, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”  Success is not just luck, or achieved by just skills…it takes trial and error.  For me, being able to adapt and learn from what doesn’t work has been the greater life lesson.  I seem to remember those lessons more clearly moving forward.  I liked the idea that entrepreneurs become successful, one small investment at a time.  I don't think this just applies to entrepreneurs but all people in all aspects of life.  I have also started reading a book titled, "Mastery."  In this book the author talks about the media and how progress and climax have become "normal."  What is not seen, in most cases is the journey.  We need to be happy and find happiness in the daily efforts that will help us achieve our goals.  Eventually living a good life in pursuit of good goals, is actually the benefit of making goals...not necessarily achieving all of them.

I was also able to read a talk “Perseverance” by James E. Faust, the idea of enduring was reinforced.  President Faust gave several examples of members in the church and how they overcame extremely difficult trials.   President Faust uses a story of  four missionaries in Hawaii.  Their boat capsized. One Elder; Elder Alma Smith, would not give up on saving the life of Elder Snow.  At the time CPR and mouth to mouth had not been invented.  However, because he was in tune with the spirit, he was inspired to perform mouth to mouth thus saving Elder Snow's life.  Alma Smith no doubt had the attitude of perseverance from his own childhood.  He experienced being shot and losing his hip and ball joint.  There was not surgery to perform, or replacement available.  His own mother was inspired to make him lay still and filled the open wound with a homemade salve for months.  His body healed itself and grew some tissue that filled the hole and Elder Smith was able to walk and live a full life...and save the future President of the church.   Elder Smith would not have made such a great effort if he had not gone through his own life threatening experience.  Understanding why we go through difficulties usually doesn’t manifest itself until a later time in life.  Having faith, a positive attitude, and enduring are essential if we want to be successful and happy. (Side note...Ezra Taft Benson was my stepfather's uncle)  Earl Benson Weaver.