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Monday, July 26, 2010

Faith meets her big brother for the 1st time!

Faith's oldest brother Spencer came home from his two year church mission on Wednesday July 21st. Faith had been well prepared to meet him. During the six months home, she saw many pictures and videos of her brother. On the day of his return she helped make him a poster...this picture is her handing that poster to him. She loves to have us draw stick figures of our family. On her poster is a picture of him and her. They already have a great bond, and she went right to him. The following morning, she got up...asked where guh guh (big brother) Spencer was, went and knocked on his door and said, Hold you...) they are having so much fun. We are loving it!!! Welcome home son! We are so proud!

One of Faith's friends from her orphanage just met her mommy! Congrats!

Visit her blog here...Junie!