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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

President's Weekend

We had a relaxing long weekend with the kids out of school on Friday and Monday.  Dallin had soccer on Saturday, we had church on Sunday and Monday we went to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge with our friends.  After the refuge we went to pizza and Cabela's, every man's dream store.  Dallin is our outdoor man and loves fishing and the idea of hunting, he has been begging me to take him to this store for years.  It was close to the refuge so he got lucky.  I was actually happily surprised at the store, it is so cool.  They have displays inside the store that are set up like a museum.  We saw every kind of wild animal and they even had an aquarium. 
Having a sense of humor, I found it quite funny that the first place we went to was to protect and preserve wildlife, and the second place we went to was all about the hunt.  Opposite ends of the spectrum on our all inclusive nature day.  :)
Me taking Dawn P's picture

while she takes mine :)
the group
Dawn P. walking with the girls
Faith getting a peek at nature up close
Dallin enjoying the experience
Picture by Dawn P.

This guy found an owl's nest with the owl...we got to see it through his camera...so cool!
Found some treasures
Kylee and Lucy
overexposed picture, the boys are not as white as this, but close:)
another opportunity to get the umbrella out ( we get alot of those)

leaves and mossy tree
Playing with my focus, wanted to have the front branch blurry and focus behind it...
fuzzy trees
Loved the barns, had some fun editing this pic.
Love the water and the barn reflection
Washington or England?

We know one taxidermist is staying busy...


Display in the center of the store
Airplane in the middle of the store

And we even got to shop, she is a trendsetter!