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Thursday, July 26, 2012


I have been so lazy about bringing a camera, I am burned out on lugging that huge thing everywhere.   I still feel obligated to keep my journal/blog updated, so I am quickly recaping.  Last day of school June 20th YEA!  Camping and boating for 7 days at Sunrise June 24th - 30th.  We had mostly beautiful weather, and Jeff and I learned how to Wake Surf :)  (This is not us by the way...sure you figured that out on your own...just an example I found) Kylee and Jensen stayed home and worked, so we had just 4 of us.  One rainy day we went bowling with two other families, Lewis's and Child's.  Faith and Gage were inseperable the entire week.  Campground had grouchy old people running it, and they told Faith she couldn't ride her Barbie car...so we went and bought her a little bike as an early birthday present.  She loved it. 
4th of July week was busy.  Breakfast at the church with the firefighters, then party at the Hunsaker's with swimming and BBQ and fireworks.  Faith's 5th birthday party Saturday July 7th...Rainbow Unicorn Party ~ was a big hit and all the kids had so much fun. Thanks mom and grandma for the darling unicorns ~ kids LOVED them! Oh and Jeff had fun with the pinata legs :)
Camping/boating again July 9th ~ 12th at Sunlakes.(favorite campground)  Dallin brought a friend Bennett, Kylee,Dallin, and Faith came also.  Jensen again stayed home to work.  110 degree weather, and beautiful.  We all got very tan.  Sad day when Jeff ran into a submerged rock in the lake and did about 3500.00 worth of damage.   We were fortunate it didn't sink and no one was hurt.  Made the best of the vacation and swam and played in the water most of the days.  The nights we stayed busy going to local towns.  Grand Coulee Dam light show, Spiderman movie in Ephrata, and a Mexican restaurant for Faith's actual birthday.   They startled her when they put the hat on her and started singing.  Great little get away even with no boat. 
July 18th ~ 21st Tucker's sister's wedding.  I made the cake, and we got to go with family to her endowments, then the marriage.  It was so fun.  Reception was also so fun.  We helped quite a bit and enjoyed seeing the family so happy.  July 22nd had Lind's over for dinner they are moving to Utah, said goodbye.  Love that family but happy we will see them when we visit.  July 23rd ~ Group FHE at our house to distribute flyers for Jensen's eagle project.  www.walkthewall.org had root beer floats after. July 27th leaving for Utah to visit family and take Jensen to EFY in Provo.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Faith turns FivE!

The decorations
The PartY!
The Pinata~
The CanDy~
The Cake and Treats~
The Cute Girl~
The Invite ~ Poem by ME <3