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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Following others timelines... my best guess as to when we will get travel approval?

Jeff and I have become fanatic about tracking other adoptive families time lines and stories. It really becomes an obsession. Mostly driven from the lack of information coming out of China. We are desperate to just have an answer. One of the families we are close behind just got their travel approval. If our paperwork follows their course...we should hear about our travel approval around December 4th. From what I understand, airfare doubles December 15th through the 31st. I sure hope we are not left with the decision to travel at double the cost, or wait a few weeks. It has seemed such a long wait already... I just want to go as quickly as possible, but on the other hand I know she is in great care, and two weeks will not make much of a difference in the long run. The unknown is driving me cRaZY! Time for dessert!

Good source for News in China...

Can you believe people live like this? It just breaks my heart :(
They are called cage homes...these are in Hong Kong...a story I found on this website. It's very interesting and good information on current events in China:)