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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Adoption...I wish more people got it :)

The other day I was at the mall shopping with my older daughter Kylee. We ran into a Chinese business owner who was an artist. I want a painting of our family and began a conversation with him. Our adoption came up, and he was immediately judgemental. Words like " You white people think you can just save the world." He even asked my daughter, " You really treat her like she is your sister?" Kylee was shocked by his agressive and nasty behavior. This was the first negative encounter I have had with someone from China. Usually we strike up a conversation and talk about the country, the history, etc. He was so angry. He also said, " Maybe I will just adopt a white baby." I couldn't believe his anger. He just doesn't get it. So for the stranger at the mall, I hope someone emails you this link, maybe your heart will soften, and you will understand the joy.