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Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Update on Faith SiSi...{my SpiCY HuNaN GiRL!}

Si Si has had another bout of tonsilitis. And was very sick.

She is potty trained, rarely has accidents (but she actually did just today but they say it is rare). She wears nappies overnight still though. You can buy diapers at supermarket stores here if you don't want to carry too much.

She likes to eat and is not a fussy eater (accept for like most kids she is not great at eating her greens), she likes to eat adult food including spicy food (the local cuisine is spicy) and she likes all snacks such as biscuits, fruit etc. You can get stuff that she would like locally at supermarkets as well. She drinks from a cup. She eats breakfast at 7 am, lunch at 1130, dinner at 5 pm and snacks before bed.

Si Si, like most kids, loves toys and so I would make sure you have some interesting stuff to play with and she will be happy. I think I have mentioned before she is a strong personality, she does have tantrums sometimes, but you can expect that the sudden changes may confuse and upset her.

From the sound of things I am so glad we are going during their winter, I would hate for her to have to suffer through with her tonsillitis reoccurring so often. (4 times since September)
It also sounds like she will fit right in with her strong personality...we have been well prepared by her older brother Dallin. Maybe now he will learn what it's like to live with a young, strong person :) Is it wrong to think pay back? I am also excited to know she is well on her way to being potty trained. ( we were told this would be a big challenge due to her birth defect.) If you want to look it up she has been diagnosed with Agenisis of the Corpus Callosum. Basically she is missing some conective tissue between her left and right hemisphere in the brain.

Please pray that she will have an easy time bonding with us, and that her suffering will be short. I really just want to cry when I think of that moment, and how scary it will be for her. I will be the cause of her pain and fear, instead of the one that is suppose to comfort and protect her. We would also appreciate prayers for our children who so willingly are staying home. We will be missing New Year's with them, and my oldest daughter's 17th birthday :(

I am so blessed to have understanding children who want their sister home as much as we do. It has been such a miracle to watch their love grow as we prepare for her. I am sure she will bless our lives much more than us hers.

And finally we would be very ungrateful if we failed to mention the wonderful sisters in our church who are bringing our children dinner every other night while we are gone. That is a lot of service!!!! How blessed are we!

We leave in 20 days!!